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The Mapungubwe Kingdom features prominently in a historic novel about Coenraad de Buys and his search for the African cities of gold. King Solomon's Mines, the Queen of Sheba and their elusive land of Ophir with its riches, forms the mystery in this historic quest. Have you ever wondered about the lost city in the Kalahari and the role of the Bushmen in trade with India? Do you know about the tribe of black Jews living in the Zoutpansberg? Would you be interested in the meaning of the symbols on the "Sunset Wall" at Machemma? (Shown in the picture to the right.) If these kind of stories interest you, feel free to go to my website and follow the development of the story about this "Camelthorn Giant". An impressive man that left a huge imprint on the South African landscape more than 200 years ago... www.camelthorngiants.co.za


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