Mapungubwe Valley is alive with pictures:

The whole area teems with legends and stories some of them dating back thousands of years. Bushmen hunters left their first rock art pictures all over the valley, the most beautiful at Kaggen Koppie.

The Owl dominates this rocky outcrop. One of the wise animals from Bushmen legends is keeping a watchful eye on the valley, especially on the Mouse.

From the valley floor the Mouse keeps looking over his shoulder to see where the Owl is. Some of the biggest baobabs have been growing in this hot climate for thousands of years.

Unlike all the other hills in the area there is actually grass growing on top of the hill. Many tons of soil must have been carried up here in baskets from the valley floor below. Did the royal household grow there own crops here or did they just need a pretty garden? What about water to keep the plants growing in the harsh climate? Today after many years of excavation there are still more questions than answers. Many of these questions revolve around who stayed on top of the hill and who were buried there.

Example of more recent "rock art" done by someone from the 4th Parachute Brigade of the South African Defence Force. This dates from the time that the military base of Greefsvald occupied the area and access was highly restricted to government employees only. How long will this "modern day paint" last on the rocks in the valley?

More to follow when I get some time off...

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